Cumberland BC

Cumberland Community Forest Society

Cumberland Community Forest Society

The Cumberland Community Forest Society is comprised of a group of residents in the Village of Cumberland on Vancouver Island dedicated to purchase local forests for recreational and aesthetic purposes.

The Society’s mandate is to purchase as much as 650 acres of forest on Cumberland’s southwest boundary from The Hancock Timber Resource Group. In 2005 the first and second parcels of forest, totaling over 150 acres, were purchased for approximately one million dollars. They were given to the Village of Cumberland with stringent conservation covenants attached to them, and they now form a wilderness park called the Cumberland Community Forest. These acquisitions represent an enormous community achievement from which future generations will derive much benefit.
Preserving this part of the forest will continue to bring visitors to the historic village of Cumberland, adding to it’s beauty, and creating a great legacy for future citizens.

PO Box 1239, Cumberland, BC  V0R 1S0
Phone: (250) 336-8628

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